Is a lens with f/ 6.3 for APS -C dslrs brighter than Canon SX50's fixed lens with f/6.3?

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Re: F ratio myth from "clark and vision"

OpticGlass wrote:

How big can you print with the SX50 or the APS-C? 12MP?
How will printed IQ be?

I have printed 24"x18" prints with FZ 50, which is also a "small"sensor. How much u can 'upsize'

depends upon how sharp your original pic. is, and how you upsize. pl. note that advt. bill boards are generally 8ftx 6ft size, but the original pics, used for them are from aps Slr/Full frame DLSr or even from Point and shoot.

many a times the winner of Pop Photo - my best shot ; is from point and shoot camera, which they print on A4 size in their Mag!

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