5D Mark 3 one week old DEAD!!!!! help please Locked

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not possible - your BSing us again

You must think Americans are really dumb:)

That "pin" in the camera is a thick metal tab. Almost impossible to bend, and I've never heard of it. You managed to bend it, which would take the insertion force of a gorilla, in 3 cameras???

And the suspect battery charges normally, and fits fine, in a charger? But somehow bent a heavy, thick, rectangular piece of metal in your camera?

And then your magic camera shop  didn't notice this? Didn't try to put the battery in and out?

Show us one photo from Patagonia. One photo you've taken. I don't believe a word of your story.

Canondog wrote:

FIXED!!!! one of my batteries had a terminal blocked. I fixed the battery and marked it as "RUBBISH" . on the camera, the male connector was bent. I remember that when i placed the battery in the 5D, i never felt any pressure. I managed to bent back the plate with a screwdriver and fixed two of them, the other snaped. Where can I get a spare part. I got the address of a place in chile to have them replace it for undeo 100 dlls. Perhaps if i buy the part I can buy 3 for a better deal.

Any one knows where. AND PLEASE!!! point me to the right direction instead of sayng dumb dumb dumb bhla blha...who does that and why you did it.

Thank you

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