Special edition Q lenses with DoF scale and aperture ring

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Re: Special edition Q lenses with DoF scale and aperture ring

justin23 wrote:

Best bet for this would be a third party manufacturer.

Hi Justin,

Actually, I would think that Pentax would be well positioned to do this for the Q. They have an an extensive line of CCTV lenses so have some optical designs to draw from, and probably could use at least some of the already existing inventory of lens elements since the size scale is perfect for the Q. It could be run out of the lens R&D department as the Pentax Q "Custom Shop" by just adding some resources.

It probably wouldn't be a big money maker, given the scale, but it would set Pentax apart as a company willing to support their discerning photographers with unique tools in a way that the big players can't. . . or won't. . .

Start with the Q and expand the concept to K mount lenses if the concept works. It would be a very inexpensive and low-risk way to gain a different breed of "street cred" that the FF DSLR advocates suggest can only be gained by entering the "Pro" body market with the huge risk this would entail.


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