a57 - HATE what Sony omitted!

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It's not always just price

RedFox88 wrote:

goetz48 wrote:

why Sony omits this feature on all cheaper cameras since it does not cost any cent in production. It is a simple firmware extension that has already been made for the more expensive ones.

Nice that you know a camera maker's R&D process to know that. Manufacturers do not put tons of features and options in lower end products for good reason - their buyers are less likely to use them and could get confused when using them making problems instead of providing better usability

That is part of it.  But a lot of times companies leave out features to force buyers into a more expensive (and larger profit margin) product.

Buy the product that has what you want, not buy a product then whine that is doesn't have what more expensive ones have! But it seems many people on here want high end options, features, functionality but for the low end price.

I don't think it is just price.  Some people find the upper-level cameras too big and/or heavy and would love a relatively full-featured camera in a smaller/lighter package.

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