Silly 70-200 comparisons....

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Re: Silly 70-200 comparisons....

Tidewater wrote:

Theodoros Fotometria wrote:

1. Clearly

You start every premise with the word " clearly" but some people disagree with most all of them including me. Sorry Theodoros, it just is not that simple . You cant possibly imagine how so many people use their equipment. The cost vs compromise variables are infinite depending on usage patterns. Just my "not very clear" opinion.

Hmmm, IMO most of his statements are pretty accurate in and of themselves. What isn't clear is what to do when you want attributes of both lenses, but can/will only have one.

I think it's a little less clear for DX users, for the DOF isolation options. When I'm using the 70-200 it's often for that very effect. Using FX helps here. But starting at f4 on a DX body is a little defeating. And yet often the gist of DX is smaller and lighter, which is exactly what the f4 is.

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