Is Canon out of touch ?

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Re: A pro?

Skip M -

My Apologies, was not meaning to be insulting... perhaps we should compare notes and learn from it..I'd love to learn how you had issues with the Quantums, our experience has been just the opposite... we also are not that impressed with the new Canon Speedlights even though I did purchase two of them...

You shoot more weddings than we do so I put stake in what you are saying. We shoot a lot of commercial / magazine / catalog stuff... but do quite a few weddings for VIPs, etc when the come up - but not 25 + a year...

No offense meant by my original statement, but after reading all the other attacks I guess i threw the baby out with the bathwater and just thought yours was another one.

Here was our exact issue with the 580EX II - this happened on all 4 of ours, and when one failed in the middle of a high profile shoot, that was the end for us, the next week we went to Profoto and Quantum.

We are using our gear exclusively with PocketWizard and 100% off camera.


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