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RGBCMYK wrote:

So what was the root of the problem? I commend you on resurrecting the beast. When I pulled out my magenta damper I hooked a syringe up to it and couldn't pull a drop of ink through it. I took it apart and the fine screen was totally blocked.

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I am thinking that even though I saw ink going through the magenta print head when I forced cleaner through it, there was still enough blockage to prevent it pulling ink from the cart, which can be seen in my first test print... starved for magenta ink. I forced enough cleaner through it long enough to clear all blockage. I ran clear cleaner and made sure only clean cleaner came out the print head.

I used simple green for 3 hours as a big clog buster and then the clear cleaner from "fixyourownprinter" for the final several hours overnight.

The magenta damper that was in the printer when I bought it seems to be ok from my testing. I did replace it as one of the steps.  I am glad that I got it going.  Now, I have only run one test print. Don't know how long it will work but that is for later.

Now the wife is looking at my 4 printers in the garage and shaking her head?!?!


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