Nikon dumping lemon D800/D800e/D600, Federal Trade Commision or other gov't entity assist us ?

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Re: dumping lemon logic

"The maker of snapshots is different from the true photographer in that he takes pleasure in the structural complexity of his toy. In contradiction to the true photographer, as well as to the chess player, the amateur photographer does not search for "new moves," for real information, for the improbable; on the contrary, he would prefer to simplify his own function ever more and more through increasingly automated camera procedures. The automation of the camera, which to him is opaque, inebriates him. Clubs for amateur photographers, for example, are places where intoxication with the impenetrables of camera complexities occurs, places for "trips"; they are post-industrial opium dens." - Vilém Flusser, 1983.

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