Storage strategy. RAID 1 or 5? Backup? Both?

Started Oct 28, 2012 | Questions thread
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Re: Storage strategy. RAID 1 or 5? Backup? Both?

RAID is great when you have 100+ drives in a data center and the chances of any one drive failing become significant.

If your data fits on one drive (even 2, 3,) there's no point in implementing RAID for normal home-based computing.

So scratch RAID.

Whether you need a NAS device depends on the extent to which you need to share the data between multiple computers. If you only have one machine, there's not much point in setting up a NAS device. Ditto with multiple machines and occasional ad hoc sharing.

You haven't really told us much about your needs but reading between the lines, they're very modest. It sounds like internal storage with USB external backup will be just fine. It's certainly the most cost effective and simplest to implement and manage.

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