XE 1 & 35mm Macro Portraits

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Re: XE 1 & 35mm Macro Portraits

macker wrote:

Nice Photo's.

Which adapter did you use for the nikon lens?

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I just bought the cheapest G lens one I could find on Ebay for now.

The 20mm is surprisingly good, the 50mm is very light, the manual focus on the lens is a little loose and the 85 is fine just such a front heavy lens for a small camera with no grip.  Focusing is easy enough just use the 3x zoom toggle with your thumb while looking through the view finder and then shoot. Quick once you get used to it. So for now I'll stick with the primes 20, 35, 50,85 until more lenses become available for the system.  For my type of work with events I will need the zooms and the X-pro 2 when it comes out. The difference between 35 and 50 is more than I thought too.  I went on a Mc rally for cancer earlier in the day and tried out the various lenses as if it was a paid shoot and to travel light on a bike, the 28-105 old zoom I used was terrible, the 35 fantastic and can easily be used in pro work. The EVF was a little hard to use in some sunny conditions, perhaps this is where you need both EVF/OVF.

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