Upgraded to GH2 from GH1 - some questions

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Re: Upgraded to GH2 from GH1 - some questions

jalywol wrote:

amipal wrote:

1. What does I.Resolution do? The manual isn't very specific.

Imaging Resource has a good explanation with photo samples:

http://www.imaging-resource.com/PRODS/DMCGH2/DMCGH2A5.HTM (scroll down til you get to the Intelligent Resolution section in the middle of the page for it).

Right, so this is a JPEG-only sharpening process by the look of things. A bit of a high-contrast edge-detect so leave the blank areas free of noise.

2. Is Long Shtr NR beneficial? I'd have thought most noise could be dealt with in PP.

Long Shutter NR is beneficial; I think it works only with exposures over 2 seconds, but you will have to look it up. It maps the noise after you take a photo (via a second camera-driven exposure, which takes a little bit of time), and then subtracts that noise from the image. It's not used for normal exposures.

If read that GH2 RAWs have NR applied to them, so does this affect the RAW files in the same way? I may have to do some tests to see whether it is really required, or whether Lightroom can deal with it in a better way.

3. Is it better to save to sRGB or Adobe RGB? Apparently the latter has more colourspace available - would this be visible/usable in LR4?

It depends on what you are going to be doing with the photos. I use Adobe RGB since my work flow includes printing on a professional printer, and I find it easier to get more accurate results if I use the AdobeRGB from start to finish. (Color workflow in my system includes an IPS monitor which I profile with a Spyder calibrator, then using specific papers in my printer that I have or can get printer profiles for).

However, if you are primarily posting to the web or viewing your prints on the computer, use sRGB. Many viewing programs/browsers are not accurately able to utilize the AdobeRGB color space, so photos that use it may appear with color shifts when viewed on some systems. I routinely convert my AdobeRGB to sRGB files now when I make copies that are going to be viewed on line....works much better that way.

I understand now! So if I'm working with RAWs, it doesn't really matter - only affects the JPEGs saved in-camera. Any exported images I want printed could be saved to AdobeRGB through LR anyway!

Thanks for you response, very informative and helpful!

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