XE 1 & 35mm Macro Portraits

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Re: XE 1 & 35mm Macro Portraits

e268 wrote:

Very nice. Thanks for posting. I am relieved that AF is fast enough for action shots. Can you share how you followed the action? Did you pan with your daughter jumping up and down or did you point the camera at a certain spot and wait for her to come into view? Thanks. BTW, beautiful daughter.


These are static shots as I was  just laying as low as I could get on the tramp under her. She kept still enough for me to get the shot, she is used to being photographed though.

So I meant was the camera is fast enough focusing for static shots but by no means is it fast enough for any actin shots as bear in mind you have the OVF lag as well to deal with to.

Sorry for the confusion.

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