D800 beyond 200mm

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Re: D800 beyond 200mm

fft81 wrote:

Up to 200mm on D800 the choice of lenses is pretty clear; the holly trinity...

But, what lenses above 200mm will resolve to 36MPx?

This is purely IQ question. Primes, zooms, realistically and outrageously priced; let's discuss them on D800...

Tamron 200-500, Bigma(50-500), Nikons, other?

The D800 is just about at the limit for the 300mm AF-S. I am finding it pointless to add my 1.4 TC because the results are just as good with simply using the lens by itself and cropping (plus I won't lose the 1 stop). It has surprised me with the fine subject detail it has been able to capture and it could be all you need. It's definitely a bargain.

As for all the other Nikon lenses at 300 and up (the 200 f2 qualifies too) there is overwhelming evidence to choose any one of them you want. Read the long lens summary at bythom. It can be a tough choice when you can afford only one.

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