Is Canon out of touch ?

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Re: SOLUTION... My on camera flash photos look just fine

sixgun wrote:

Thanks for all the replies and to those who stuck to the facts and were in support.
To those of you who gave sarcastic, "holier than thou" and negative answers, it does not surprise me. Well, at least it was entertaining. You just might want to know that most professionals that work at the level we do in fashion and advertising and even weddings do not use speedlights and certainly never mounted on-camera.

You are showing you ignorance. On camera flash is used a lot and the results are stellar as long as the flash is bounced correctly

.The result is clean and open lighting that looks natural. I included three shots for you that all used ON-CAMERA FLASH that was bounced. AND they were all shot in 1st curtain sync. Bring your Quantums and I will bring my speedlights...I just hope you can keep up cause you will spend all your time moving your equipment and setting it up, while I bounce my 580EX II off walls, people, doors and cute pets (true story) while using adequate shutter speed making 2nd curtain a non issue for me...and my clients.

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