Is Canon out of touch ?

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Re: A pro?

sixgun wrote:

As for those of you suggesting I read the manual - perhaps you should read my original post !

[we don't use speed lights, nor do most of the people we work with]
This is not a rant, Canon removed features that I and many of my peers use. It is aggravating. We don't use Canon Speedlights, in fact, we have SB900s and use them in Basic Trigger mode when we "have" to use a speedlight because they actually hold up with external powerpacks and recycle fast enough.

There is no reason to throw names around, but I know many of the explorers. In in fact will be meeting with one of them next week. They have the same complaints I do, they just don't make it public.

Ask Gary Fong his opinion on the direction of Canon, he's no longer a sponsored shooter, or an explorer but he's pretty passionate about giving his opinion. And he's right.

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the Sb 900 is notorious for overheating....Nikon improved this feature with he 910. You keep focusing on such small issues and don't want to see the big picture. Canon is most certainly heading in the right direction...the reviews for the 5D MK III (and sales) seem to support this.

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