P7000: Getting the most out of it

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Re: P7000: Getting the most out of it

Guy Bouchard wrote:

.... I can easily works on RAW files now since i have a computer at home. I use Rawtherapee (Linux user). When on the road for over one year, i will have to use JPG if i want to max my SD cards space usage (i don't bring a computer). So, what can i do to get the most out of my P7000 (RAW and JPG)?

Right now, i try to keep ISO as low as possible (200 or 100). Should i try to be at F8 as much as possible? Mandatory tripod use? Handheld lowest speed? Which Custom color setup if any for jpeg? Mandatory post processing task if any?


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Guy Bouchard

Guy: using the Nikon P7000 is no different than any other camera: good, basic technique given the subject matter applies the same to the P7000 as anything else, film or digital. When you ask about things like "mandatory tripod," "handheld lowest speed," "f/8 as much as possible," etc., it sounds to me like you haven't mastered those basic techniques that apply to all photography. I guess some here will answer your questions one by one, but if I were to do the same, I'd be writing the longest post ever seen in a digital camera forum! Really ... the things you're asking about are Photography 101 questions and deserve a full tutorial answer.

Specific to the P7000 (and most good digitals): shoot RAW. Forget JPEG. The RAW files from the P7000 aren't all that big. Get more SD cards if need be. Shooting RAW obviously makes Custom Color irrelevant. Additionally, I'd use Nikon's conversion software. I've tried them all and have come to the conclusion that Nikon's NX2 (or whatever the latest version is) does the best job.

I have no idea what you mean by "mandatory post processing."

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