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Re: New Sony 55-300mm SAM - Compared to Tamron 70-300mm SP Di?

HarryP wrote:

permafrost wrote:

I've got the Sony 55-300 SAM for a month and took some comparison shots with the Tamron 70-300 USD Di, sadly in no good light conditions.

I have posted some of the comparison shots in a German forum.

My personal verdict is, that the Tamron lens is much sharper in open aperture especially in the edges and corners, centrum is equal. YPictures from the Tamron show more details and structures. Also you can see more chromatic aberrations in the Sony lens.

I don't want to say the Sony SAM is bad lens by no means, I like this lens, it is versatile, and is equipped with a metal mount, unfortunately the front lenses are rotating. It is much lighter and easier to hold and carry as the bulky Tamron.There is in my opinion no big difference in focusing time. the end, watching the image quality, the Tamron performs better.

So I will put a link to the German forum. I hope this is not against the forum rules. On page one and two are my comparison shots. Always the first (left) one is the Tamron USD, the second (right) one the Sony SAM. A click on the pictures enlarge these pictures to full data. (except the very first one, here it doesn't work). Shots are made with the Sony A57 at full resolution (16 MP).

Here is the link -->

Regards from Germany...and sorry for my mediocre English.


Thank you for this Dieter. I always said that Tamron 70-300 USD was an excellent lens, I use to shoot Canon with it. I do have to say though (& you said), for $300, I am keeping my 55-300 SAM lens as it is lighter, greater zoom range that is easier to travel with. BTW, have you tried an another copy of the 55-300 just to make sure your's wasn't flawed?

Thank you for your friendly reply, Harry

you've mentioned my thoughts, maybe my Sony SAM has a flaw and is decentred. I'm not sure... And yes, I like the Tamron a lot, it is taken for its price an excellent lens.

Today I posted lhe last comparison shots Tamron 70-300 USD Di vs. Son 55-300 SAM on page three in the German forum.

Here is the link -->



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