Help Setting up an External Hard Drive?

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Re: Help Setting up an External Hard Drive?

Peteo wrote:

Hoping to get some help from my fellow Pentax friends who have already done this. I see no need for me to struggle and reinvent the wheel when others have already figured it out.

I picked up a 3TB external hard drive yesterday and am wondering the best way to set it up for my pictures. I primarily use LR4 for my post processing and my desktop has 1TB of memory.

Is it best to import the raw photos into the external hard drive. Have LR4 grab them and then save the processed pictures on both the main hard drive and the external? Also, would it make sense to move my current photo library to the new external hard drive?

Computer hardware is not my strong suit so any help is greatly appreciated.



I've been using external drives for a few years now, both on PC and Mac.

It is used as the main drive for all my photos (and music); my lightroom collections are on the external drive,  I import all into them.

I have not seen or experienced any ill effects (knock on wood); but I always do a regular backup to  another external drive.

I think that in Lightroom you can "move" (export?) your collection to another folder, in your case your external drive.

(side-note) If you are bi-platform (mac and pc), the drive should be formatted for PC, or you will have to use something like MacDrive to be able to use the drive on your PC.

Good luck.

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