Is 12mm wide enough for landscapes?

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Re: Is 12mm wide enough for landscapes?

Just wanted to complete the thread by telling you what lens I purchased in the end. As it turned out I went for none of the ones I listed at the beginning of the thread. I went for the pan 14mm 2.5. I did some research and came to the conclusion the same thing many of you pointed out in this thread. Landscape photography doesn't require the widest possible lens.

I'm sure in the future I will want a wider lens but I'm going to practise with the 14mm and get better at shooting WA. When I have more of an idea of what will best for me I'll take the plunge and splash out on something wider.

I didn't really have to purchase the 14mm because I have my kit lens but I wanted a small lens (it's tiny) and I like primes. More speed and I tend to concentrate more on my composition while using them. Plus this lens is very cheap.

I now have the poor man's trilogy of primes, the pan 14, 20 and the oly 45, so that should keep me busy for a while hopefully. Thanks again for all your replies.

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