Anyone planning to migrate to Windows 8 on a desktop or notebook/laptop

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One of my 3 Desktop systems...

One of my 3 Desktop systems will get upgraded to Windows 8 Pro.

After using it for a month or so, I will decide if I like it enough to upgrade the others...

I've been dual-booting with win7 ultimate/Win 8 pro for quite a while, and 8 does seem to be quicker to boot, a little quicker to flip back an forth between open programs (Photoshop CS5/Lightroom 4.2 mostly) and here is the biggy.... Lightroom 4.# seems a little quicker in operation.

The "hot-keys" for Windows 8 give you back almost everything you had in Windows 7,,, (Google Windows 8 Hotkeys and get a list).

If all the stuff thats "quicker" in my installation of the final version that Microsoft let us download stays quicker in the retail install, I'll be fairly happy with it.

I do NOT see anything in Windows 8 Pro that is a "Must Have" for users of Windows 7 Pro or Ultimate.

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