FZ200 - Three Cameras in one!

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FZ200 - Three Cameras in one!

OK, OK, cheesy headline, but bear with me while I explain....

I shoot with a Pentax DSLR (K200D) which has a maximum usable (IMHO) ISO of 400 before noise starts to be really evident. I have had this camera since new, and I love it dearly, BUT I don't like the bulk, the money I have tied up in its lenses, and the whole "more gear is better" DSLR ethos.

I shoot for pleasure, and lately there wasn't any, what with carrying round a large number of lenses, a tripod, lusting after even more and faster lenses, a better camera body which would trigger the lust for more and faster lenses etc.

So I took stock. What did I want to do with my photography?

1. Take pictures of the world around me - insects, plants people, buildings, scenes and panoramas - in short anything I thought was photoworthy.

2. Be creative in the way I post-process for entry into local competitions.

3. Learn to take video.

So I looked around for a camera to fit those needs, and superrzooms filled the bill. The FZ150 was my first choice, with the SX40 next...

Then came the FZ200 announcement, and I was sold - f2.8 through to 600mm, RAW and video.

So I now have an FZ200.

I was not impressed when the first one I got developed blue lines diagonally across the viewfinder and had to go back, but my current unit is working fine (fingers crossed it stays that way).

I was not impressed by the seeming lack of quality in a lot of the images I was getting.

I was not impressed by the build quality (Pentax DSLR's are built like tanks!)

That was then, this is now.

Spurred on by the posters in this forum and Flickr sets, I knew the camera could deliver, so the problem must be me - and it was.

I was shooting jpegs at F2.8, 1/15sec at 600mm and expecting superb results.

I knew better than that from my DSLR days.

Now, I shoot the way I shot with my DSLR - paying proper attention to all aspects of the shot, and guess what? My "keeper" rate is getting up to 80% from a lowly 40-50%.

So here is what I shoot with now:

1. A camera capable of shooting macro, portraits, architecture, landscapes, sports/action and studio shots at f2.8 (if needed), with a usable ISO of 400 (no change from the DSLR ISO)

2. A camera that shoots RAW, which is a necessity for serious PP for competitions.

3. A video camera that can do full HD and slow-mo.

4. As a bonus, if I want to spend time learning it, a serious quality jpeg engine as well.

And all in one package that was financed by the sale of one lens from the DSLR system.

If you are still with me this far in, then I thank you for your time, and if you are a prospective FZ200 owner, than I hope I have shown you that the FZ200 learning curve is steep, but ultimately satisfying.

Shane, who is about to try to recover some more of the investment in his DSLR kit.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ150 Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200
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