Aperture Print Quality Change?

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Re: Aperture Print Quality Change?

mikwen wrote:

... If you do let Aperture apply a color profile, you have to make sure the printer driver is not doing that again. That is by far the most common mistake when printing with color management.

I have often thought about this. And I have to ask, how do I KNOW the printer driver is not applying another profile if I let Aperture apply it?

The exact setting depends on the printer driver, because that driver is specific for the brand of the printer. After you press 'Print' in the Aperture Print dialog, you'll get that driver. Click the 'Show Details' button (if you see 'Hide Details', you've already done that). Now you can select specific settings for the printer. There will probably be something like 'Color Options'. That's where you can select the different color management settings and also turn them off completely. If you have an Epson printer you will probably see a 'No Color Adjustment' option. On my HP Laser Printer it's a little confusing, because it's called 'Device' (meaning that the device connected to the printer, i.e. the computer, sends color managed data).

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