No Eyepiece shutter in SLTs, right?

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Re: No Eyepiece shutter in SLTs, right?

taamberg wrote:

Hi all-

I'm mulling over how my incoming (?soon?) A99 will change my shooting workflow.

One of the things I have to remind myself on my A900 or KM5D for tripod & remote shutter operation was to close the eyepiece shutter via its small lever. (Otherwise, since your face isn't up to the eyepiece, light can enter in via the eyepiece and mess up your exposure metering.)

In theory, since the eyepiece just gives you a way to view the EVF, with no light path to the exposure meters, this is no longer an issue.

Is this true in reality? If so, this is a nice advantage over the OVF for landscape work - one less thing to have to worry about.

You are correct. There is no light path from the eye-piece to the rest of the camera really (well, there shouldn't be). This is one advantage for you at least of an EVF.

For me, I need to make sure that I set the EVF to not mimic what it expects to record and set to to display a "realistic" image. Personal preference in some situations.

Make sure to post some of your shots if you want. People here always want to perv on some A99 shots.

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