Shame on you Nikon!

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Re: Shame on you Nikon!

Patco wrote:

57even wrote:

As a sealed camera it is 99% certain that the stuff on the sensor originated somewhere inside the camera.

Not necessarily - Any zoom lens that changes length while zooming will pump air, including the dust in the air, into and out of the mirror chamber. On many (most?) cameras, you can even feel a small puff of air on your eye coming from the viewfinder when zooming quickly.

I will have to get it professionally cleaned at my expense (not sure how often), demand that Nikon do it for free as often as it happens, or demand a refund.

Open to suggestions.

Wet clean the viewfinder yourself. It's far more convenient (and cheaper!) than sending it out.

Clearly you failed to read my post.

1. I have owned several DSLRs, used them for many years, and never had this degree of contamination in such a short time. How often am I supposed to clean it? Once a week?

2. You are potentially voiding the warranty by cleaning it yourself.

This leaves me with the unenviable option of paying for cleaning, or arguing the toss with Nikon to clean it for free, or simply rejecting the camera. All three are a pain.

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