Can Someone Explain Differences Between X-E1 and X100, Both Technical And IQ

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Re: Can Someone Explain Differences Between X-E1 and X100, Both Technical And IQ

ryder78 wrote:

Pardon my ignorance as I am a novice in photography and have used mobile devices and simple point-and-shoots for most part of my life. I am looking at both models and was wondering about the differences, or rather advantages that the X-E1 might have over the X100.

In what ways or areas the X-E1 is superior than the X100? I understand the X-E1 has the interchangeable lens option. How useful is this feature, and how do we select the appropriate or right lens for the X-E1 assuming that one only has to live with one single lens on the X-E1? How about image quality? It is often difficult to define image quality but does the X-E1 offer higher/better picture quality than the X100? In areas of sharpness, detail, colors etc. The specs look fairly similar to me - similar APS-C sensor, lens etc.

Any advice from knowledgable folks would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi, Ryder,

I'd suggest you buy the Fujifilm X-E1 with its 18-55mm zoom lens. You'll find the zoom lens more versatile than a lens that can't zoom.

To put it simply, picture quality will also be higher on the X-E1 though the X-100 is also very good.

Yes, the X-E1 (and X100) allows you to control a lot of settings, but you can also start of fairly simply   and still get good results. It's a camera to grow into over the years, but that doesn't mean you need a degree in photography to start using it.

One thing to keep in mind; there is no fully auto mode on either camera, but it's no big deal. Just set the aperture size (the size of the hole in the lens that the light comes through) and the camera will work out the correct shutter speed for you.




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