NEX6 External Mic

Started Oct 26, 2012 | Questions thread
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Re: I didn't know NEX-6 doesn't have mic input, can it use SONY NEX boom mic?

I have actually sent an inquiry to Sony UK and asking them what external Sony microphone I can use with the NEX-6. I will post the answer when received (if ever). I am afraid this is typically Sony - no proper forward planning. They must have anticipated that some NEX-6 users would want an external mic. Why provide for all NEX-3/5 versions and NEX-7 and not NEX-6? Why Sony's "deafening" silence on the subject? Their thinking defeats me. The fact they are essentially an electronics company shines through. An avalanche of cameras but too few lenses and early obsolesce of accessories in new models and no suitable replacements.

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