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nosnoop wrote:

LiquidSilver wrote:

The "total equivalence" covers even the noise of the sensor: by using the PanaLeica 25 f1.4 one can shot at lover ISO than using 35mm f1.8.

The equivalence between format at the end is an equivalence between the aperture of the lenses - the total light you get on the sensor.

Sensor size is not an advantage itself, it just requires bigger aperture at the same FOV and f number, so more total light enter to the sensor.

At the same DOF, even the noise is equalized, because what you do is equalizing the apertures.

However, what you said above only applies during low light when you need to shoot wide open.

When the light level is adequate so that you can close down the aperture for both cameras, the larger sensor camera would have the advantage.

Why should you close down the aperture? To get more DOF?

To get the same DOF, m4/3 must stay 2/3 of a stop more open than APS-C, so the equivalence on noise is still preserved.

If you close down to get more quality, then is a matter of lens quality, and that is not the weak spot of m4/3.

When you close down 2/3 of a stop, you have throw away the sensor advantage. The bigger sensor has an advantage only when you shoot wide open, if the quality is acceptable, because maybe the system with the smaller sensor has not a lens that can be opened "more". It is not the case of m4/3 vs NEX (at the moment).

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