XF1 Arrives - very first thoughts

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Re: XF1 Arrives - very first thoughts

Mark Prince wrote:


Hi there.

Okay, I tried this as well - set up ISO to 800, Set DR to 100%, everything else pretty much "stock" (I'd recently done a restore factory defaults thing) and tried. I could not get any kind of program shift to happen - I'd half press the shutter, keep the camera static (on a tripod), and try rotating the command and sub command dials, and no program shift. It's either not working, or again, I've got some obscure setting incorrect and it isn't working.


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one thing about the dial on fuji (at least it is like that on the x10) is that it remembers how much you "over-dialed" it. i mean if you turn the wheel past the maximum value for x clicks/turns/... you have to turn it back the same amount before the values start changing again. this make it seem as if the wheel is not functioning.

i would suppose they changed this glitch in a newer x-camera.

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