Should I shift to Nikon?

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Re: Should I shift to Nikon?

You haven't specified any particular reason you want or need to move to Nikon, without any I suggest stick to Canon, save yourself a heap of money and effort (presuming you have a range of Canon gear) and look at upgrading the 40D if you really must scratch that itch for a new body, like a 7D. And I say all this as a Nikon user.

The 40D still delivers images of the same quality the day you bought it, even if it isn't the latest spec.

Nikons (and this is all generalised consensus) have a very good Af system that is accurate and continues to perform well in low light. The wireless flash system is excellent, build is usually very good for any given class and ergonomics, though personal, is often favoured. Canons can be better in other areas (AF speed for example, continuous shooting or video capture) - None of these issues are worth changing systems for (in either direction) unless they are crucial for what you shoot.

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