Other Systems dream of this performance at f/5.6 - but at f/2.0?

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Re: Other Systems dream of this performance at f/5.6 - but at f/2.0?

John King wrote:

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philosomatographer wrote:

You didn't really look at my f/2.0 crop, did you? If you think a competitor's 70-200 can do this, even at f/4.0, you have probably not used them all (I have) and are completely mistaken. There is practically no fixed-focal length lens that can beat this. If you are in posession of illustrative samples, please post them.

Then there is the great colour-rendering, perfect contrast at all apertures, and edge performance which make us owners of the Zuiko 35-100 really appreciate it over the alternatives. We can even forgive the slower, noisy focus. The SHG Zuikos are optically peerless, and it certainly took me a number of years to realise this.

Others are catching on... Even DigitalLoyd (in his paid subscription reviews) demonstrates the superiority of the SHG zooms over Leica M lenses in absolute terms.

Ahyway, I don't want to force you to use anything, my post was just a shout out to this wonderful optic.

Peace out.

My Nikon 50mm/1.8D can do that, not knocking the wonderful Zuiko lenses, but they don't have a monopoly on good glass

50/1.8 D at f/2, havent checked myself, but maybe you should

You mean like this?

Nikon f/1.8 50 D

Perhaps something to compare it with?

Or stopped down a tad

Shame about the CA and lack of evenness across the frame ...

for an £80 lens i think it performs rather well, i highlighted the in focus areas for you as DOF is pretty limited wide open on this lens, as usual view original for full size goodliness

i uploaded to my smugmug account cuz DPR obliterated the detail

this is the one to check out not the dpr massacred one

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