XF1 Arrives - very first thoughts

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Re: XF1 Arrives - very first thoughts

Mark Prince wrote:

Combatmedic870 wrote:

Could you give 2-4 examples of the focus stacking mode(to blur the background), one specifically at 25mm and one at 100mm at last. Maybe of a person...or stuffed animal or something...

I would love to see exactly how will this feature performs. Also how fast it shoots. any lag taking it. and locking up of the camera...all of that good stuff. Can you take a pic with a moving subject with it at say 1/250th-1/500th of a sec?

PS could you shoot it in Velvia

I am not sure what you mean by focus stacking mode. I don't recall reading anything about that. On the moving subject thing, if the weather clears up here enough to get outside and snap a few pics of things in motion, I'll try to take a few and post them with the review I'm working on.

What Combatmedic was referring to is the Pro Focus mode (see page 30 of the manual). It's almost the antithesis of focus stacking though because focus stacking tries to create an infinitely wide depth of field by combining the sharpest bits of many photos, each progressively focused on a different part of the subject. Sometimes cameras aren't refocused for each shot. Instead, the camera is placed on a rail, and for each shot the rail might be advanced a few millimeters, or even fractions of a millimeter using a vernier dial. Pro Focus mode takes 2 or 3 photos and for example, tries to combine an out of focus background with a sharp subject to give the appearance of a much narrower depth of field than the camera is actually able to produce. Here's an expensive Novoflex rail. Adorama has a much less expensive 'house' brand and a really cheap rail.

Dpreview's editor doesn't appear to be able to display Adorama's rails so here are links instead.



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