Aokatec GPS Receiver AK-G1 on D800

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No problem with Aokatech on my D800E

The AK-G1 fits the D800E to a tee. Yes it does include a lanyard — or at least mine did. Check the bottom of the box carefully for your lanyard before throwing the packaging out.

Given it's location on the D800E, it's just too easy to pry off when handling. I've accidentally popped it off three times in the past week — twice by just pulling it out from my pack. Attaching the lanyard ensures you won't lose this $70 piece of hi-tech by way of normal handling.

Regarding battery drain, I've left it on for a couple of days w/o issue. The battery remained as it was before — or one bar less.

Geo-coordinates and heading were tested as accurate — with a very fast find time. Faster than any of my larger GPS units. This is the unit Nikon should have built into the MB-D12, in order to justify it's value to customers. Instead we have two over-priced accessories (GP-1, MB-D12) which have turned customers away from Nikon and over to third party manufacturers. JMO.


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