Batteries on a plane

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Re: Batteries on a plane

kaholt wrote:

Does anyone know if there would be a problem taking a handful of D800 batteries in my carry-on luggage? I have to fly tomorrow and it just occured to me that I've never taken extra batteries before that werent in a checked bag. I dont see why they should care. The energy stored in them is a lot less than for example in a laptop battery. However they are loose and not in the camera, and knowing TSA there is no way to predict how they would react, irrespective of what any official policy might be. They arent cheap so leaving them behind is not an option and I'd hate to miss my flight over it.


As long as you cover each battery with its plastic cap there shouldn't be any problem. But then I have these concerns: what about the liquid cleaners (sensor kits, etc), they are flammable, should that be a problem in the carry on? And tripods?

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