Is Canon out of touch ?

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Re: Is Canon out of touch ?

sixgun wrote:

Skysi- a sphincter says what? I thought so.

Can you read? No 2nd curtain for off camera or PC Port connected strobes. That is fact. That was my point. Most good shooters I know use that feature religiously, Canon took it away....

I am really disappointed by the number of douchebags on this forum. I guess my wife was right, most camera people are self absorbed arrogant pricks. Thanks for your completely useless contribution, and for confirming her statement.

It would have helped in your initial post that the complaint was about not having the feature for non-Canon strobes.  Can't argue with that.

My main complaint is the way Canon buried the master/slave settings in the flash menu of the 580EX II and 600 EX-RT.  What was the matter with the simple switch that has sufficed for more than a decade?

And, honestly, I do agree with the complaint about removing it from the camera, but your original post implied that you meant removing it entirely, thus the comments that boiled down to RTFM.

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