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Re: Coverage: DSLR vs Compact

John Deerfield wrote:

Obviously, 5mm on an SX130 is not the same FoV as 5mm on a D90: the sensors are different. If you could mount a 5mm lens on a D90, you would have a much wider FoV than 5mm on the SX130.

Yeah, I understand that part. The reasons I thought D90 would give more FOV than SX130 are because of images like these...

And I thought the logic would be... as D90 does have a bigger sensor and bigger lens (circumference), it would cover more area than SX130 like the image below...

What I was thinking is totally wrong. Whether the sensor/lens is big or not, at a given focal length (in 35mm equivalent) any format will give the same "x"mm FOV.

Thank you...

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