D7000 quits while in interval timer shooting mode

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Re: Glad I'm not the only one with issues and the intervalometer.

All of the above information is also not correct in regards to the interval timer. It is exactly that (INTERVAL) as i thought of initialy when following the instructions. With lets say a  30 minute exposure set and then adding another 30 seconds in the interval. That will give you exactly that. An interval before the next shot of 30 seconds!

No problems if you have your interval timer work with a 1 sec shot and then add another seclond. That means you only wait one second before it will take your next shot. But all becomes a different story when you want to do a 30 sec shot. I had troubles initialy. Got the counter doing crazy count downs , ending up with 5 , 4, 9 or so shots and then it would just shut off. I popped the wired remote in and turned kept it switched on when using the timer and it worked. Got a 100 shots. tried it at another day and i could not get it to work again. Nothing should be this difficult and i now suspect that there is a fault rather than the user. seems many are having issues with the interval timer...

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