Better high ISO Sony camera than A55/NEX-5N?

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Re: Better high ISO Sony camera than A55/NEX-5N?

I'm an A55 user, and have asked myself the same question. For me, the incremental upgrades on the A57 just aren't worth the extra $$s when I've still got a ways to go before I feel like I'm getting the best out of my A55. I could probably say the same about the A77 (acknowledging of course that the A77 is definitely in a class above the A55), but that's only because I don't use video much, rarely (if ever) shoot above 6FPS, don't need weather-proofing, and prefer the smaller size of the A55 (when compared to the A77 or A57).

I think the benefits of going the A99 would be noticable (especially low light and DR), but for where my skill level is at, I don't think the cost-vs-benefit analysis stacks up just yet.

So where I'm at with it all is that I'll hang onto my A55 until either Sony releases another APS-C which is a BIG jump forward in terms of IQ and functionality, or until I feel I'm ready to go FF.

At the end of the day though, this is just me and my needs - your needs may differ in which case the upgrade may be worth it for you. I know there are numerous people on this forum who have upgraded from the A55 to the A57 or A77 and couldn't be happier.

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