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Re: Thumbs down trolls

Sammy Yousef wrote:

Peter Jonas wrote:

It is easy because you don't need anyone's help to do it. It just needs one switch in your mind flicked: Stop taking the TDs personally. It is so simple that rejecting it outright seems silly..

Sweeping a problem under the rug is not the same as solving it. Please be careful if you are advising your son to do that. It can cause life long harm. Again intended sincerely. We like to pretend children are simple creatures and us adults are in complete control but the truth is that's not how the world works.

No one deserves to be trolled because they say unpopular things. Blaming the victim is a sure way to end up with the law of the jungle in the end.

I am not blaming the victim. I am offering him/her a simple solution. Belive me, most trolls and bullies will go away when ignored. The very essence of their behaqviour is to see people get upset or offended. If you don;t reward them, the will go away.

It doesn't work like that. I experienced limited bullying as a child. You know what did work for me once. When I was about 12 I took a really severe blow to the face and just stood there looking at him. (Ironically this loser didn't realise I was in a complete daze). The only thing he understood was he'd just given me his best shot expecting me to hit the dirt and I just stood there looking angry at him. He actually backed away. Best thing that could have happened was to show some strength and not back away.

Bullies never understand backing down. They are like dogs in a pack. They believe they have established their pecking order if you do back down. And from time to time they'll snap at you once again.

Would you tell a woman being repeatedly sexually harassed at work to just ignore it, or an employee being pressured repeatedly into taking risks that go against health and safety regulations to just ignore it?

I would eaxamine each of those situations and would make conclusions on a case by case basis.

I'm sorry but that is a cop out answer. If you are honestly telling me that you'd tell a woman being sexually harassed to just ignore it, that is abhorrent, and not just because it's an inflamatory situation. Any time you blame the victim, you are in fact aiding the bully and increasing the likelihood of such behaviour. If the collective group treats the person acting as if they've done something socially unacceptable, most will change their ways and those who are truly pathological we lock up.

If you have such intimate knowledge and experience with trolling the last thing you should be doing is condoning that behaviour.

I am very sorry that you interpret what I say as condoning that behaviour. I don't. And nothing I have written even remotely implies that.

It's not an interpretation. Whether or not you realise it you are in fact enabling the behaviour.

I, and I suspect other people have had this problem with you reading something we did not write. This behaviour is also upsetting to may people, I could point you to countless examples. If you control that behaviour you will give others a lot less reason to TD you.

Again I did not say you intended to enable or condone the behaviour. I am saying that that is the result of your action (or inaction) nonetheless.

See my reply to your other post.

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