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Re: You will have to look long and hard . . .

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My experience was that my D700 was more forgiving than my D90 due to the better dynamic range/colour depth, with greater room for rescuing a file if I didn't do my job properly. I don't have the D600/800 but I understand they have even greater latitude. I suppose I'll find out soon enough.

I often find that the acquisition of a new piece of kit seem to give a kick start to the creative juices. Enjoy your camera!


On d90 i usually pop into f/2.8 and hold down the shutter button. With d800 FF mode f/2.8 is more soft, so I'd guess f/4 on d800 is about the same as f/2.8 on d90 as far as sharpness goes. Naturally this means slower shutter speed or higher ISO on d800 vs d90.

D700 is a 12.3MP, just as D90, which means each pixel is 2.25 times bigger than d90s, hence about 2.25x better sensitivity to light than d90; so f4 on d700 is as "bright" and as "sharp" as f/2.8 for d90. D800 has more sensitive pixels than d700, but each pixel is 3x smaller, which means small flaws in sharpness are more visible than would be on d700. Which means to get equally sharp shot on d800 as on d700 i have to be allot more careful. Also, I don't think that each pixel on d800 is 3x more sensitive than pixel on d700; which means f/4 on d700 is "brighter" per pixel than f/4 on d800. This means to get equally sharp image on d800 as on d700 i need to be shooting at slower shutter speed than on d700 at f/4 in both cases. D800 will capture more detail than d700 but i need to be more careful due to slower shutter speed. Due to better sensor on d800 i do not need to be 3x slower than on d700, but i still need to be slower. So far i only tried 24-70 on d800; perhaps 70-200 with VR will truly make d800 shine.

One thing is that I AM the Nikon engineers worst nightmare; i shoot indoors, so low light and i pixel-peep... Yes, my expectations are unreasonable.

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