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Re: advice on upgrade to FF

b4cktr4ck wrote:

First of all I was unsure where to post this, if here or somewhere else like Pro Digital Talk? Please suggest if better to move it.

I want to upgrade my 500d to a full frame

What do you think you are missing with full frame? What are you expecting to gain?

I've considered 6D, D600, 5DM3

You should toss in the 5D Mark II... if you are grouping by price,..

I've been waiting for the 6D but been disappointed mainly for the cropped viewfinder and the lack of built in flash. So 6D is out of the story.

If you rule out the 6D due to lack of flash then you should also rule out the 5D Mark III and 5D Mark II. Also, really, on board flash is just not something I would even consider a plus.

I have a few EF-S lenses (18-55, 50-250, 10-22, 18-135) and few EF (50mm 1.8, 28mm 1.8, 100mm macro), and a 430exII light.

The EF-S lenses may have interference issues with full frame bodies, so basically if you go full frame, you have three lenses that matter, the 50mm f/1.8 , the 28mm f1.8 and the 100mm Macro.

I can afford the D600 and initially a 50mm 1.8 (later a general purpose 18-200mm)

You could sell the canon stuff and get more Nikon stuff.

pros: all the features I need, light small, complete FF

If it is everything you need, you should go this route.

cons: need to sell all canon gears?, buy Nikon gears, no high ISO (minor)

How often do you shoot higher than ISO 6400 or 12800? You might not even miss it.

I could potentially afford the 5DM3 -

Or a 5D Mark II

pros: great FF, can reuse some lenses, great at high ISO (25000 is like 800 on my 500d)

cons: price, no built in flash, bigger/heavier than D600


A compromise could be use the high ISO capability of 5DM3 and forgo the build in flash, but not convinced about that.

Sound like the D600 is what you need

I never used Nikon gears but I tend to get fever for canon lenses, so I am really unsure if to jump ship!

We can't decide for you, that is something you need to figure out. Switching will always be a loss.

I could still keep the 500d as backup but don't think I'll use it after getting a new FF. can sell it with the EF-S lenses.

I used to shoot with both systems, but I gravitated more to Canon, because it feels BETTER to ME in my hands, and the controls to ME are more intuitive to me, and finds my mind set. As far as quality, there really is not any quality difference between Canon and Nikon. I can do prints from both, stick them up on the wall and no one can tell me which can from which.

How much do you reckon I could approx get for those? (maybe another thread for this)

(I'm not a fan of selling/buying used gears, time consuming)


I would suggest that you rent all FOUR cameras, I'm tossing in the 5D Mark II which is a very good camera. After all, it's what started the HDSLR Crazy, and if that camera can be used in movies shown in movie theaters, then I'm pretty sure it can meet most peoples needs.

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