Epson 4000 trouble shoot help

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Re: Epson 4000 trouble shoot help

I also have an Epson Pro 4000 and understand the problem you have. Several questions and suggestions:

1. When you ran cleaning solution were you getting flow through the magenta channel?

2. Have you tried the power cleaning option?

3. What is the ink level in your magenta cartridge? I am using refillable 220ml cartridges and have had flow problems when the ink levels are below 1/2. As long as I keep the cartridges above 1/2 full, I have minimal problems.

4. Have you tried the manual nozzle check and cleaning? I found that the auto function is not very useful. Looking at the manual nozzle check results, if the same segments are always missing, you probably have clogs. If the missing segments move around with various manual nozzle checks, then air bubbles are probably the issue.

5. Have you cleaned the capping station? Cleaning gunk off the capping station, particularly the O ring gasket will improve the seal and help head cleaning. Also clean the wiper blade. Another trick that may help is with power off, manually move the head away from the capping station, flood the station with your cleaning fluid and move the head back over the capping station. Leaving the printer sitting off overnight with the head exposed to your cleaning solution may dissolve clogs.

Time can be your friend. I have found that performing no more than 3-5 manual head cleans, then let the printer sit overnight usually significantly improves results.

Also with my Epson 4000 I use a very effective home brew cleaning solution comprised of 3 parts Windex with ammonia and 1 part 90% isopropyl alcohol. The combination of ammonia and alcohol appears to be effective in dissolving clogs.

Hope the above suggestions may be of some help.


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