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Re: more to consider than price

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There is more to consider for a purchase than simply the price. The G1 X is bigger and heavier than the G15, and it has a much slower and shorter lens. Those are the up front differences. The G1 X would be more attractive if the G15 didn't come out.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but because of the G1X's larger sensor, doesn't that more than make up for it's slower lens, as compared to the G15?


Unless your priorities are griping over a few ounces/cm weight/size difference than getting better quality results, yes!

Canon comes out with a terrific camera in the G1X and apparently just either stops marketing it or undermarkets it. It's really amazing that this camera just doesn't seem to get a lot of good exposure (pardon the pun... ) that it deserves. Go figure.


It's simply the negatives (responsiveness, size and weight being the primary negative issues for the G1X that many see..pun intended) that for some are as important or more important than the wonderful IQ. These are issues that do not bother some...but do bother others... YMMV

Size and weight:

G1X is the smallest and lightest among APS-C or micro 4/3 + bright kit covering similar zoom range

Plus G1X is completely silent which is very important for many who require this function for candid  shots.

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