Thinking I may have made a mistake.

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Re: Maxeyesore

Maxeyesore wrote:

Gary Eickmeier wrote:

sensibill wrote:

Sadly, I agree. Many here at DPR can be very helpful and a great resource, but there's an significant contingent of arrogant, snide and product-defensive types you just need to ignore when you can. That's a tall order for me sometimes, but I'm doing my best to spot the egos and avoid.

FWIW, I didn't find your OP to be deserving of the ration of strife that followed.


What are your thoughts about his never having posted a single shot of his vignetting problem?

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Gary Eickmeier

Maybe he was weary of further ridicule considering people pointing fingers since zero hour. Maybe he was afraid of critical members if it turned out to be user error. Oddly I am the one called a troll yet I have never been anything but positive with the OP. Shouldn't that be the other way around?

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Agreed with the first part of your message (the first two sentences)...there are certainly some forum members who can be far from kind on these sort of matters.

As for the last two sentences, all I can say is "Are you serious?". Firstly, I'm lost as to why you've somehow made this part of the discussion about post was about the poor reception the OP got from some forum members when james2k50 had asked what I thought was a prefectly reasonable question. How does this have anything to do with you? If you offered helpful advice then good job, I'm sure he appreciated it. But are you now going to go to every thread you've contributed to and point out to everyone how good you've been and how it should be appreciated?

As for you being called a troll, the reasons are obvious to anyone who reads you posts - firstly, you spend half your time on this forum implying how inferior Sony is when compared to Pentax (and occasionally how inferior Sony is when compared to Nikon). I'm not saying forum members shouldn't post about other brands...we have some good input from a number of people who do just that, but you take it to another level. If you want to constantly gush about Pentax, go and do it on the Pentax forum...that's what it's there for. What sort of response do you think a Sony user would get if they were constantly on the Pentax forum talking about how good Sony was in comparison? The irony is that I (and I'm sure many others) would be quite happy to have your input on this forum (especially since you claim under at least of your pseudonyms to have used Sony gear before), if you didn't try and turn discussions into how inferior Sony's IQ is (especially at low light), and how badly you get treated on this forum. Sure I've seen you give occasional positive input to some discussions, but that is the exception that proves the rule.

Secondly, how many aliases do you have? Off the top of my head I can think of Noisey1, maxiso and MaxLowLight. So that, more than anything else, is why people call you a troll. If you're not a troll, then why do you keeping coming back to this forum spouting the same old stuff, but under different aliases?

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