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Re: You will have to look long and hard . . .

Marianne Oelund wrote:

fft81 wrote:

. . . After calming myself down i realized that by default camera is set to lowest ISO possible...

You will have to look long and hard to find anyone here who has never done something similar.

I wish they kept the Full Auto mode for idiots like me...

It can be set up to come close to Full Auto, but why spoil the fun of learning?

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- Marianne
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The way i like to use cameras is in 2 main modes:

1. easy sure-shot

2. creative

Full auto is the "easy sure-shot" for when i feel lazy and i am in "creative" mode when i actually have time to set up the shot and be creative about it.

I am coming off the d90 so d800 is an interesting upgrade / learning experience for me. So far i am less comfortable with d800 than with d90; it takes more effort and better technique to take good pictures with d800 than it did with d90; but the end result of d800 is much better than that of d90, which is to be expected.

For example i did a boo-boo today with bracketing; i had it set-up for -1, 0 +1 and then i forgot i had it setup so. The end result was that some of my pictures were all at -1 without the other 2 exposures. Of-course now i changed it to 0 -1 +1, but it still takes more concentration than d90, as it should.

D800 is a good camera and as such it is a good "technique amplifier". What this means is that: in comparison to d90, with good technique you will get great pictures, with average technique you will get ok pictures and bad technique will screw you. Mean while on D90 you get not as good and not as bad pictures as a function of technique. I had the same learning curve 3 years ago moving from point-and-shoot to d90...

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