Is Canon out of touch ?

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Re: Your only supporting my arguement...

Tazz93 wrote:

rrccad wrote:

how so?

what other camera manufacturer is shipping speedlights with RF control? I must have missed that.

The reverse zoom was amazing - and the lack of it is one of the things that I'm griping over in the version II. it certainly wasn't a design issue - it was brilliant and all 24-70's including the II should have been done that way - that, IMO is a feature lost on the version II. only you would be calling the original a design issue. it's the only example of a working wide to ultra wide lens hood that actually WORKS across nearly the entire zoom range. I wouldn't call the fact that canon decided on a normal zoom to be "proof" that the original had a design issue, as it could have been done for other reasons outside of your conjectured statement.

Sorry, I was mistaken on the comment about the competitors speedlight control, however, I still believe the radio controlled unit was long overdue.

And your point on the reasoning for the reverse zooming has obvious advantages, but I just didn't see them in practice (granted, I only used a friend's lens for a few moments). I still prefer the conventional zooming lens with a conventional wide angle-style hood which has perceived advantges at 24mm over the tele-style lens hood (size and specific 24mm maximum protection).

you DO realize that with the reverse zoom - it's a UWA hood at 24mm .. and a telephoto hood at 70mm? it was brilliant.

a conventional zooming lens simply has a hood that works usually at 24mm and that is all.

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