Is Canon out of touch ?

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Re: A pro?

Well we all use what works. If speed lights work for you that's great. Go to a large ad agency shoot and see who is using speed lights there. No one. Quantum lights take more technique which is why a lot of amateurs give up on them. If you know light there is no way you can ever tell anyone honestly that a speed light is just as good. it's like comparing an apple to a prune...

We started out with 580exiis .... 5 of them, 4 of them burned up at events. canon would not  repair them so we sent them all to LPA (pocket wizard). who upgraded the weak circuits in them and fixed the shorting foils. then we sold them. Search LPA 580ex II mods. You'll see what I'm talking about.

If you have not blown one you are not using them hard.

I would never put my business on the line with a speed light, sorry. Quantum lights are not easy to use, you obviously gave up too early.

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