XF1 Arrives - very first thoughts

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Re: XF1 Arrives - very first thoughts

Nick Sintros wrote:

Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me how quick the XF1 is between shots. I just was at the camera store and looked at the X10 as well as some others and really liked the X10 except it seemed really slow from one shot to the next. Like several seconds. They didn't have the XF1 for me to look at yet.

Hi Nick!

Based on your question, I just did a test that gave some really interesting results. Again, coming from mostly using dSLRs and SLRs, I've been used to lightning quick auto focus between shutter snaps, so I tried the same thing with the XF1 and got some very interesting results. Here's the test I did

Camera at 75mm on the lens. Pointed the camera at a dark area - the hallway where my wife was doing laundry. I'd compose, press the shutter - it would do a very quick focus (low light) and snap the photo. Very little lag - certainly less than I've experienced in the past with point and shoot cameras. The drill down to focus seemed to take about 1/3 a second (very fast) and the shutter trips almost instantly after.

Then pretty much as soon as I hear the shutter trip, I swivel 180 degrees and focus on a box of cereal next to me in the kitchen - bright lights, really close (almost the closest focus distance for the lens at 75mm) and press the shutter again. It will fire immediately, and will have the correct exposure, but focus will still be the previous far away (about 5 meters) focus distance. So, the camera can bang out shot after shot in miliseconds on single-shot mode, but if you hammer down the shutter button, it won't refocus. However, if you do a miniscule pause at half-shutter press, it WILL refocus, and do it quickly, before snapping the shot.

I hope that's clear? Basically, it will take photos as fast as you would normally want. But if you want to focus on close vs. far away things you do have to do a stutterstep to half-press shutter to reaquire focus. This is in single shot, area (single) focus mode. I haven't really fooled around with the other focusing modes: multi, continuous, and tracking focus.


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