can anyone fuse these two pictures togheter in photoshop?

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Re: can anyone fuse these two pictures togheter in photoshop?

Couple of problems here. First of all, wrong forum - should be one for retouching. Second the two pics you chose are generally incompatible as far as comping people elements from one into another. Photoshop tools cannot accomplish what you want because the two pics were taken from wildly divergent points of view, so that the perspective of the people in one cannot be practically warped enough to appear to have been originally included in the other. Only by some form of 3-D  modeling and rendering, using the donor people images as guides for building the geometry for the models of the people, as well as using the donor bitmap images to help create textures and using the other image for the "lighting" shaders, can one render some facsimile of the people from one image to paste into the second image. Only if one were to follow this extremely diificult process could one hope to (sort of) do what you asked and have an image that looks "correct," but even then, it would not be a bitmap composite from the original image at all.

I hope this helps, but the answer is, by your definition, that what you want can't be done properly.



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