PhotoPlus Expo: GH3 and O-MD are the highlights

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Panasonic booth really standoffish

I wasn't also looking to go the Oly section, but got pulled in and stayed there a while.  I also found the guys behind the counter at Panasonic a bit too standoffish. The guys at Oly were great.

Example 1: At Olympus I was allowed to put my own 14-140 lens on the OM-D, use my own memory card in the OM-D to test out the video and have my day with the camera basically.

Example 2: At Panasonic when I asked to look at the grip on the GH3, then acted like they were doing me a favor.  As if I am not worthy.  And the guy, Matt, couldn't wait to get the system back from me, even though I was there on Thursday and it wasn't that crowded and no one was waiting.  Also when I asked if I could try the 12-14 collapsible lens on my GH1, the girl behind the counter said don't walk away with it and I totally flat out told her that I was offended by that comment.

Note to Panasonic, If you read this:  The Photoplus Expo is by registration only, it's not a mall that anyone can just walk in.  If you are there to sell me on the GH3, tell your people to stop acting so unfriendly.  It will backfire on you.

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