Retina MacBook Pro 13'' vs 15'' for Aperture?

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Re: Retina MacBook Pro 13'' vs 15'' for Aperture?

noirdesir wrote:

Stakka Matt wrote:

Many thanks for these points - all very valid. It's too bad we have to chose between Pro-level performance and small size. Question is still whether the 13'' rMBP will be fast enough for Aperture with 10,000-photo libraries and mainly large jpegs. It probably will, but I'll wait for some real-world tests.

It will be fast enough, I've run Aperture on a 2009 13" MBP (with a 9400M) and it ran perfectly fine 95% of time. Very occasionally on a 24" monitor I could notice a bit of a lag. Now, with my 2012 13" MBP things are much faster CPU-wise but also noticeably in the graphic department.

But what really gave Aperture an extra boost was to get a 500 GB SSD and put my library on it.

Of course, quad-core will be usefull during importing and exporting when raw CPU power counts but for most other tasks, the CPU and GPU power of the 2012 Ivy Bridge + HD4000 computers is absolutely fine in Aperture.

I came to the same conclusion. A 13" Core i7 MBP with SSD and 16GB RAM is a pocket rocket. I took a small Aperture library containing 25 heavily adjusted Canon 1DIII & 1DsIII RAW files to an Apple Store and tested speed of JPEG export. For reference, my 2008 8-core Mac Pro with 8GB RAM, an SSD boot drive, a 3-drive RAID 0 archive, and an ATI 4870 graphics upgrade, took 2:00.

13" MBP (2.5GHz dual-Core i5) - 2:00

13" MBP (2.9GHz dual-Core i7) - 1:30

15" MBP (2.7GHz quad-Core i7) - 1:00

15" rMBP (2.3GHz quad-Core i7) - 1:18

Finding that a 13" MBP could out-gun my 8-core Mac Pro was a real revelation. And, sexy as the 13" rMBP is, I like the disaster-resistance of having both SSD and HD built-in, with the HD cloning and Time Machine-ing the boot partition and backing up the data partition.

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